21 May 2012


Recently I've been looking for inspiration. I lost it some time ago, before my exams have started. Stress and lack of sleep aren't inspiring factors at all. I've had a lot of free time this week but I couldn't make anything I would be really proud of.
Today in the morning I was thinking about remaking an old dress I found in my wardrobe. I got an idea as I noticed a fern leaf on my desk (you never know). Then ideas started to fill my head up. I feel so good now, I'm sure a lot of projects will be here soon. Most of them will be probably connected with fern leaves - I'm going to paint, draw, sew, photograpf, press and paint even more.
I think I should announce a fern month.
I have my last exam on Friday and after it I'm back to work!

A journal page I painted today. The scrapbook doesn't have a good paper for watercolour, but who cares? :)
Last two jourmal pages. (yes, I was really told that I look like Boticelli's Venus or Titian's Madonna. Inspite of being plump. I was told that too.)
A little pansy must be everywhere.
Today I've found this little bird.
Here is its caring mother. They are now together again.
Have a good day! 
PS: Today I've found twenty two pansies among the grass in my garden. Twenty two! How could I not notice them before? Pansies were growing near that spot last year, but I didn't know they spread so intensively!


  1. You'll forever be that little birds hero!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  2. Good on you for bringing the birds back together!

  3. I've lost my inspiration too(( I think I should look for fern leaves in my room too, if it works) Your scrapbook and pictures are handsome!
    Welcome to http://mycleardays.blogspot.com/