23 July 2013

Let's swap our banners! {button exchange with The Sheer Stories}

The Sheer Stories is starting a banner swap. If you blog about nature, vintage stuff, crafts, photography, or maybe you have an online shop - you can participate! Let's make traffic on each other's blog! More info below.
Rozpoczynam wymianę banerów na The Sheer Stories. Jeśli prowadzisz blog o tematyce naturalnej, starociach, fotografii, DIY, włosach albo masz sklepik internetowy, możesz wziąć udział! Więcej informacji poniżej.

 Basic rules: you give me your banner, I give you mine and we put them on our blogs. I'll accept banners 220px wide and 100px high. If you don't have a banner yet but want to take part in this swap, I can make you one (more practice is always good)!
Write on farenka(at)gmail.com to talk about the details!
Zasady ogólne: Ty dajesz mi swój baner, ja daję mój Tobie. Umieszczamy je na swoich blogach. Będę przyjmować obrazki o wymiarach 220x100 pikseli. Jeśli nie masz jeszcze swojego baneru, ale chciał(a)byś wziąć udział w wymianie, mogę go dla Ciebie zrobić (a co, zawsze nowe umiejętności!).
Napisz na farenka(at)gmail.com , żeby ustalić szczegóły!

Have a beautiful day,


  1. żaden komentarz nie jest śmieciowy ;D

  2. Great post - thanks for this :)
    Because you asked: I chose the course "Information design" at University of applied Science :)

    Maybe you want to take part in my photo competition? :) Here is the link: http://fashionyourlook.blogspot.co.at/2013/07/arrival-photo-competition.html

    1. Thanks for your comment :)

      Information-design is a course about everything what has something to do with design and computer. For example web-design, advertisements, layout or media-design (films and so on). But also exhibitions and communication have something to do with it... So there's a large spectrum :)

    2. It's okay - you don't have to choose one of the photos, more are also good! ;)
      Just send me the link, please :)

      Well, when I've learned something about how to make a blog design, I would love to help you ;) At the moment, I'm also a bit helpless and I don't know much about HTML-Codes and so on...

      Well, I realized that I was a bit silly a few days before. I thought that this is kind of a tutorial - my English skills are sometimes not the best (haha). (I'm embarrassed now...) (I thought that 'swap' means something like make..)
      But now I got the idea behind this post and I would love to make a button Exchange :)