5 June 2012

Baking time

 So many delicious things gathered in one post...
June is the best time for baking - fresh fruit in the garden or greengrocer's. Lots of strawberries, which are in my kitchen everyday this time. These are pictures taken by me in the last summer and this spring.

As you can see I'm a flower deviant, I even BAKE flowers inside muffins.

We're going to Tuscany this summer. Yesterday I've started to learn Italian by myself. It's funny how simple it seems. I've been learning Spanish for five years and it helps a lot. I have a few months till our trip and I hope I'll at least understand what people try to tell me:)


  1. Wow...these look nothing short of amazing! And yesss, I am so happy about strawberry season.

  2. Gorgeous!


  3. Dear Julia,

    After I read your comment on my blog, I had a look on yours and I'm in love with all your dried flowers!! You have so many already! I wish I had a forest much closer and didn't have to rely on plant shops. :) Maybe one day, we can swap dried flowers!

    I'll follow your blog from now on. :)

  4. I envy the place you live. I used to live at a place like that and I sometimes miss it a lot. One day, I'll own a small cottage and a huge garden. I love to live in the city, but I miss the forest near. Luckily, I sometimes visit my parents and there I have nature closer again. If I buy more plants, I'll have a little forest on my balcony.

    Each of my dried flowers end up in my sketchbook, to join with my drawings. I also received flowers from friends already. So each flower has a special meaning. :)

  5. Your photos are so lovely! I also learn Italian at the moment but I wasn't able to speak Spanish before and for me the language is quite difficult :/
    I hope you have more talent :)

    1. And because of the question why I do it: I learn our in school (3. Year) maybe that's another reason why I don't like learning it so much ;-)

      Mmmmhhh and your last cake (with the strawberries... It looks sooooo yummy!!! :)

  6. Looks so yummy! Wish I would be as eager as you and learn a language by myself! To be honest, I thought about it, but then - the motivation got lost. Enjoy your week!