28 August 2012

New kitty at home

Hello lovely readers!
Let me introduce you a new member of my falimy. The sweetest little kitty that still doesn't have a name. It's a Thai (traditional Siamese) cat. Sorry for the bad quality of a few pictures, but I kept capturing his weird and sweet poses and didn't care about the light. It'll be hard for me not to add new pictures of him everyday here!

Why doesn't he still have a name? We've been looking for a proper one for a while now and want to give him a classic, but not presumptuous name. First I came out with a few ideas of sweet names like Biscuit (that one matches his fur colour), but noone accepted it. Kashmere (because he's no soft), Zephyr (because he's quick) and Sapphire (his eyes!) are ouf favourites right now. Would you like to give any other suggestions? 

(After the play he sleeps like an angel in my dearest hands.) 

PS: I was really astonished by what I've seen today on my blogger overview. My last DIY (natural inks) appeared somewhere on tumblr and it generated a huge traffic on my blog. It's impossible how influential pages like tumblr or pinterest can be. More than 800 pageviews per day? Something new for me. Thank you a lot!
PPS: I'm heading to Tuscany (Italy) tomorrow! I decided that it would be fun to write a few letters to bloggers from this place. Is there anyone who wants to be my pen pal and get a letter from me? Write me an e-mail at farenka [at] gmail [dot] com - say something about yourself and attach your postal address. I'd be please if some of you would like to participate in it. I think I'll write no more than 5 letters, I want each one to be different!

Have a beautiful day


  1. These pictures are absolutely lovely!!
    Love the one where he shows only the half of his little head from behind a door or wall, it's too cute. I can't wait to see more!
    Enjoy those precious moments, little cats grow up so quickly. :)

    Congrats for the 800 pageviews!


  2. Cat on my dirty jeans, embarrassing :>

  3. Cute cat and congrats on all the pageviews!!! :)

  4. I'm still waiting for my letter miss! Joking but I have made something to send back too you!! Xx Elly

  5. aw, such a pretty little cat!

  6. Hello little blue eye, you are so cute. Congratulations with your new family.

  7. ooo italy, how exciting! and congrats on the huge pageviews boost, i'd be so excited :)) and your kitten is so cute! my friend just got one and she named him Stasu, and calls him Pistachio as a nickname. So adorable :)

  8. adorable! Why not call him Thai? We got a kitten a few months ago and called him tyrion (after the character in Game of Thrones) because he is the runt of the litter and quite small.

  9. What a beautiful kitty! I have two- Tavi (girl) and Ramone (boy). Make sure you take lots of photos because they grow up so fast!

  10. Oh man- what an adorable kitty! These photos made my day :)

  11. he is so cute and his blue eyes are just beautiful. Congrats on the page-views, you deserve it!

  12. SO CUTE! New kittens are the best. :D I got a new kitten a month ago and I still take exorbitant amounts of photographs of her. ;P