3 April 2013

Easy blouse remake (kitties again!)

Honestly, I don't like to write DIY's that seem trivial to me. It's normal that if you have a hole in your favourite blouse, you get crafty and repair it. I'm just too crazy about cats lately and want to share daily dose of cuteness! Now two symmetric patches look like small pockets!
I did it because - as I wrote - my blouse was damaged on the right, but you can make it to any boring piece of clothing you have. It's the easiest wy to change it, even sewing skills are not needed!

1. You need to buy the iron-on patches, for example here. 2. Choose the one you want to use. 3. Make a pattern (use your imagination, it can be anything!) and cut. 4. Iron in the way it's described in the instruction given to iron-on patches. 
1. Kup termo łaty - moje tak się nazywały;) 2. Wybierz kolor pasujący do rzeczy, na której chcesz naprasować łatę. 3. Wytnij wymyślony przez Ciebie kształt i 4. przyprasuj w czasie i temperaturze zgodnymi z instrukcją.

I hope you enjoy this 5-munutes-super-easy DIY! Let me know if you'll try it.
Have a beautiful day,


  1. Super cute. I'd like these even better if you'd made them into pockets!


  2. Too cute! I too love kittens, so I could definitely be making something similar.

    1. Great! Show me the results if you'll make it!;)

  3. Lubie bardzo your works :) I have discovered your blog now and I liked very much your multidisciplinar works; I will come back here. Greetins!

  4. *Don´t feel ofended, please... How I wrote in the tet, it was just how I imagined a "typical polish" from what people (polish people) described to me... after that I was living already 7 months in Poland (ofcourse the image was totally different), but if you want to tell me how you really are I will be also happy to listen :)

  5. So cute. Love the little cat faces.

  6. I love this idea! I might have to do it myself. :]

    I will be following! I love the design of your blog.