10 May 2013

Happy moments in the busy life (just a quick note)

When I've been writing in the past that "I'm busy" or "I have not much time for blogging" it was nothing comparing to this what happens now. There's not much time for moments like this, with bikes and cookies, in the forest. We try to spend every free moment together, so blogging had to step aside. I'll be back to regular blogging as soon as I can, but it will be about the middle of June or later.



  1. Lovely pictures, Julia! We can't blame you for preferring these precious moments instead of blogging! And as I exactly have the same problem, I understand 200%. ;)

    I finally managed to post a few things though, hope you will enjoy it.
    And I also wanted to tell you I just created a Twitter account for my blog (and followed your lovely natural shop!), so whatever is going to happen to Google Reader, if you want to continue to receive my updates, it's here : https://twitter.com/highly_beloved

    Never stop amazing us with such adorable pictures <3

  2. i have abandoned my blog too for some reason :(
    but then i remember that i have beautiful friends in blogland and i have missed them so much, too much, so i just come back from time to time ♥

    take your time, okay, hugs xo

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