19 June 2012

At home again

I'm back. I feel very inspired by the beauty and charms of countryside. We were picking berries for hours. We spent those days sleeping, chatting with each other, preparing meals,desserts and picnics, laughing, riding bikes and being lazy. Once we even had a water baloon fight! (no pictures, my camera couldn't bare it)
My friend Susan gave me an idea of making a to do list for Summer. She found hers on Pinterest, I decided to make my own, more personal. I'll share it tomorrow, it's already in my sketchbook!


  1. By lucky chance I found your blog and am delighted to know such a feast for the eyes exists. Lovely flowers, lovely photos, and mouthwatering tidbits!

  2. your photos are stunning :)


  3. I love those photos. They are soo beautiful :) Especially the first one.

  4. Your photography is beautiful - especially the light in the first few images. Love it!