20 June 2012

To do list for summer

As I said yesterday, here's the list of things to do this Summer. Just in case, here it is again:
1. Make stamps - done no 1, done no 2
2. Sew a dream dress - Moreover, I got my sewing machine at the end of September, so there wan no time for this one.
3. Make lavender sachets- done
4. Make an 'all the simple things' project - progress
5. Make a chocolate liqueur - done
6. Watch and photograph birds in the morning - done
7. Make ice cream often - done
8. Watch meteor showers and stars and photograph it all - done
9. Write an e-book about chocolate (with best recipes!) - too early for this
10. Make pinhole camera (again) - done
11. Learn new skills: make a movie - done
12.Make cards and send them to friends - done
13. Organize a craft night/picnic - done
14. Launch an online shop - done
15. Re-decor the bedroom - done
16. Design a fabric - done
17. Write an invisible letter - done

Some of the listed things are simple, quick and easy to make, but the majority is labour- and time-consuming. That's why I decide to start tomorrow and give myself time till the end of September.

PS: Today I made blog buttons, so if you like what I create and want to support my blog grab one from >>HERE<< (you can also find the 'buttons' section in the top horizontal menu).


  1. jejku, oglądając twojego bloga, czuję się jak w bajce.

  2. What a very fine list! so many wonderful things to do!~

  3. Especially number 3 and 16 are on my list. I have a few fabric designs close to ready.
    The overal look of the list is amazing!

    I'd also love to turn dried flowers and leaves into jewelry. For now it's just with my drawings and embroideries.

  4. I also made a list of Summer goals, I think it's so important to write down everything we want to do :)

  5. Great list! I made mine yesterday and I should really post it on my blog, too. Making it public is a great way to make sure you do everything possible to accomplish a goal :) I wish you a great summer! :)

  6. zainspirowałaś mnie do zrobienia własnej. jest przecież tyle drobnych robótek, które czekają od dawien dawna by poświęcić im długo wyczekiwany, wolny czas. nie chciałabym tego czasu znów zmarnować na lenistwo!

  7. love love love this, it's not just a list, it's art! Too late for a summer list for me perhaps but you have inspired me to make an autumn list :-)