26 June 2012

Little things makes me happy

I enjoy little things. Recently I wanted to answer a question which part of creating process do you like the most? and I wondered if I like more inventing or bringing into life. I found out that the most pleasant thing is to combine both! That's why yesterday I painted chocolate syrup labels and really tiny stickers straight on the sticker paper without any previous sketches. I rediscovered how much fun can one have using watercolour, how big variety of techniques and possibilities it gives!

Chocolate recipe syrup will be published in the e-book about chocolate (it'll be free of course).
I also painted a few things connected with our future shop. Well, the kitty shouldn't be there, so I covered it ith a pressed rose petal. All these things were painted with the tiny brush above.
Do you have any important plans for the next few weeks? Best wishes!


  1. Oh yum! I do love some chocolate :) and what a fun project you thought up!

  2. Your paintings are lovely! I love using watercolor, but I've never tried it on sticker-paper, what a cool idea!
    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  3. mieszkanie mojej babci to istna skarbnica niezwykłego świata - zwłaszcza latem. najłatwiej byłoby wziąć ze sobą przyzwoity aparat ja chyba lubię utrudniać sobie życie...

    kocham akwarele i chociaż umiejętności oraz predyspozycje do malowania zaniedbałam kilka lat wstecz czasem coś stworzę. szkoda, że z marnym rezultatem...

  4. I'm fascinated with your paintings, they're very transparent and delicate! You study design, don't you? Good luck with your projects!