25 June 2012

July is going to be busy

I know how silly this self portrait is. Don't worry, it's not the most important part of this post.

We have big plans for the upcoming month. We're planning to open our first etsy shop about the middle of July. We are going to sell mainly paper goods and wood products. These weeks I'm designing, painting, making flower collages, glueing and printing, while my boyfriend is using router (and other stuff which name I don't really know), hammering nails, impregnating and painting.

It will be a busy time on this blog too. I have many projects done, so you'd better stay tuned! Today in the mornig I harvested lavender from my garden (lavender sachets are on both of my to do lists, this and this). I'm also almost done with chocolate liqueur and a few other little projects that I havent mentioned on the blog before.

Thanks for reading!


  1. artystyczna z Was para;)fajnie mieć chłopaka wrażliwego na piękno;))
    czekam na rezultaty projektów:)

  2. jesteś tak śliczna, że mogłabyś robić sobie zdjęcia nawet w łazience z odblaskiem flesza na lustrze (ale nie rób). mam nadzieję, że wszystko ci pięknie pójdzie (ja tkwię w jednym projekcie już od tygodnia, a jeden rysunek tworzę z 4 dni), czekam na efekty niecierpliwie :)