24 July 2012

Collecting flowers: forest and meadow

Yesterday I brought new flowers to dry. Those ones that I collected recently are already dry! I'm going to make my room redecoration soon (finally!) and they're all to hang on my wall. I decorated them with ribbon and twine. As I said before I want to make a kind of herbarium on my wall!
Favourite flowers I collected yesterday. They are dark pink when young and then become lighter until they're totally white.Just beautiful. These and those below have strong honey-sweet smell.

Can't wait to make my idea come true.
 Have a nice day, 

NOTE: As you can see some small changes  in the blog layout are in progress. You'll see a little bit different face of this blog soon!


  1. I love the simple beauty of wildflowers. Great finds! :)

  2. Simply beautiful! You always find the most beautiful flowers!

  3. These are stunning!! Even the photos are stunning!! Xxelly

  4. What a lovely idea! I can't wait to see your little herbarium.


  5. sound slovenly, i may try drying some of my favourites too x

  6. I can't wait to see the result of your redecoration!! but I know it will be beautiful because everything you do always is. always!
    congratulations for your shop, I particularly like the seeding labels and floral postcards, very inspired/inspiring shop :)


  7. what a wonderful idea, these flowers are all so pretty! and i like how you put the string and ribbon on the stems.. your blog is just lovely :)