26 July 2012

Self-portrait (forget-me-not blue)

A self-portrait I painted a few weeks ago. I used to draw myself when I was about five, always in beautiful dress and crown (yes, me as a princess of course)! This time I don't wear even a diadem, but now I prefer flowers to gold. Generally this pieces shows more how I feel than how I look.

I'd love to have a blouse like this. I really really love it, but it's only in the world of my imagination and on this sheet of paper. The idea of the pattern came to my mind a long time before I paited it, but sometimes ideas have to mature inside the head.

Currently I'm painting clothes and am sure that will show some pieces in the near future. I've tried it before, but now create a few projects in one time. It brings a lot of fun, but unfortunately it's impossible to correct any mistakes. I have to be very careful. Wish me luck!

Have a beautiful day,


  1. A beautiful self-portrait Joule, I love the way you painted your hair - you have a very delicate line and a distinct style! Can't wait to see your clothes paintings!

  2. Wow looks just beautiful! You really have talent!

  3. This is lovely, I wish I could draw like that :) Your blog is adorable, I love your header so much x

  4. This portrait is beautiful! Wonderful work <3