7 July 2012

Flowers everywhere

Flowers I for grom S.

This beautiful field is very close to my home, I'm lucky to live there.
I've lost my camera battery charger and I feel really badly now. I'd love to share some things I've made today or yesterday but it's impossible without an equipment that works properly. Instead of showing what I made I share pictures taken yesterday with my boyfriend's cam.

The only picture I could take before the battery was fully discharged. Look at this camomile! It's so dreamy place.
Have a beautiful day,


  1. beautiful photos! What kind of lens do you use?

  2. beautiful photos.
    lovely place.

  3. I love all the photos! You're looking just amazing (I also love your hat :)

    Ah and is it possible to follow you with GFC? :)

    1. You can add my blog to your reading list (blogger main page) - it's connected with GFC:)

    2. Thanks I tried it and I think it worked :)
      And I'm following you with bloglovin because your blog is so great! :))

  4. It's me, it's me! Hey people, my hand is famous now :P
    You don't see it in the photos, but this field is a bit strange. Really wild, full of fowers and other weeds, but there are two strangely looking hills on it, which happen to be.. German bunkers :)

  5. These are beautiful, and so is your blog header! You look so perfectly at home in that field of flowers, and your hat is amazing!