13 July 2012

Making paper (DIY)

As I wrote, I wanted to write a post about making paper. I made two attempts more to make sure that my technique works well and now I'm sure I can share it!
For basic paper you'll need: paper shreds, wooden frame, an old curtain, blender, basin/deep baking pan (bigger than the frame), sponge.
 note: you can use any kind of unwaxed paper, but remember that if you use newspapers or any other prints your paper will be gray

Cut a curtain square that suits to the frame, stretch the piece of fabric over it and staple. This is your paper mould - remember that that dimensions of the inner part makes the paper size.
Blend paper shreds in a blender (1 part of paper and 1 part of hot water) until it's smooth. That is your paper mixture.

Fill the basin/pan with water and dip the mould in it. Put an appropriate amount of paper mass into the frame and gently spread until it's even. 

Lift and rotate the mould and put the paper on a very smooth surface (otherwise it’ll stick to it later). Now you have to remove excess water from the paper – put the frame on you piece and gently remove water with a sponge (that’s what I’m doing on the picture).

Let your paper to dry – drying in the sun is the best, because it will additionally make your paper brighter. 

This is a peak of what I've done! You can make varied pieces using flowers, leaves or other organic stuff. Just use you imagination to create your own pieces:)
Have a lovely day,

NOTE (personal, you don't have to read it): Now it's for sure. Yesterday it became official. Since October I'll be studying Optics! I'm so happy now!


  1. This is SO cool! Yours turned out so well! I love the antique look that it created. So pretty!

  2. This is a really cool project. I would have never thought to do something like this it is awesome!