11 July 2012

Designing a fabric + making stamps + lavender sachets no 1

Designing a fabric is on my summer to do list. Lavender sachets appear on both of my list, either summer and fern!
At fist I thought about totally diferent technique of making the fabric. I'm sure I'll try another one too. This is only a first trial! Although I like it and probably will sew a vanity bag out of these two pieces.
Lavender sachets are almost done, I'll post the final result soon. I had fun stamping the fabric, every imprint is a little bit different, I experimented with colour - I used yellow and blue in different proportions and concentration. 
Making stamps also appears on my list. I'm planning lots of patterns, this is the first one and I love how it looks and works. This stamp is a result of collaboration with my favourite person to collaborate with. I carved the stamp itself and S. made the handle. It's beautiful and handy.

I wish you a lovely and creative day, 


  1. I'm a big fan of stamps, I've never tried stamp printing onto fabric though, looks great!

  2. I love it! You like fern, don't you? ;)

  3. aww you make everything look so beautiful. Designing fabric is something I am longing to do right now, really want to use natural dyes too

  4. The print is lovely, great job!