4 August 2012

Sweet dreams | stamped t-shirt DIY

As I said I've been painting on fabric last week. This t-shirt is an example. Although I prefer more classic style of clothing (I could wear dresses all the time), I decided to paint something on this tee and use it as a pajama top. I hope it will bring me sweet deams today!

You'll need: a tee, textile paints, stamps, brushes. (+ a cup of water and a white plate - if you want to mix colours). 

At first you should make a project of what you want to have on your t-shirt. Once you have prepared it, draw a sketch straight on the tee with a chalk of contrasting colour. Prepare all shades of paint you want to use. Carefully paint the stamping surface with a brush. lay the stamp on the fabric and press gently.

After you have all the imprints done you'll probably need to correct a few mistakes - use brushes to this aim. Leave your tee to dry and then follow the preservation instruction given on the paint container. 

NOTE: although I'll post a few DIY's connected with clothing  in the upcoming weeks this blog will never change into a fashion blog. I usually don't like top fashion trends, like glitter shoes etc. I won't do anything like this for sure, but you can expect a small amount of my own ideas:)

Wish you a beautiful day,


  1. The stamps turned out great, so has the t-shirt, cute and totally you! <3

  2. i completely love your blog!

  3. This is such a cool DIY. Are the stamp paints washable?

    1. Yes they are :) I should wash them straight after having it done, now it's much harder to wash it well.