6 August 2012

Flowers from the past

Hello, today I'll show you my collection of old, truely vintage things. All these things are connected with flowers in some ways: are adorned with flowers on even consist of flowers.

I found this gift book in a thrift store last summer and I totally love it! It has special pages for recipes, vintage wine charts, a journal and a calendar, but it's so pretty that I haven't written anything in it for a year. I'm scared that I can destroy its beauty. I should take pictures of the designs inside one day, it's really amazing. 

My grandma gave me these beauties about a week ago. She made the collages by herself, they were hanging in her very first house! They are about 40 years old!

The backs of frames changed their colour because of the long exposition to sunlight. You can see exactly where the pressed plants were for years! 

I found this pendant on a flea market and probably got it for free, don't remember. It has real flowers inside!

I hope you like my little collection. Wish me luck in finding more. And I'll wish you a beautiful day!



  1. ależ piękne są te rzeczy w swej prostocie! szczególnie podobają mi się te wykonane przez twoją babcię :). doskonale znam uczucie strachu przed zniszczeniem czegoś pięknego - mam milion notesów, albumów itd które leżą niezapisane od lat

  2. That is a gorgeous pendant! Absolutely beautiful.. It seems flower pressing runs in the family :) What gorgeous pieces to hang up, how special that your grandma made them so many years ago! Those are some true treasures...

  3. Those backing papers with the shadows left by the pressed flowers are my favourites. They look so delicate and accidental - i love that!

    Your grandma's framed flowers are wonderful - I thought the same as losammon, no wonder you make such beautiful flower pictures!

  4. What treasures... I think the backs of frames are beautiful, very subtle (and unintentional) art. I love old things with a history and a story to tell.

  5. I am in love with that necklace! So beautiful!

  6. What a lovely collection!! I particularly like the necklaces.
    The frames' backs remind me of my first laboratory lesson at photography school last year. I made photograms with dry flowers i had taken from an herbarium, mallows if I remember well, and it looked amazing. I would have loved to make a whole herbarium like that. Maybe I'll post it in my blog one day :)


  7. Love them all!

    You've got a new follower :)

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  9. well hello! i just found your blog and i absolutely adore it! this collection is so perfect, i would love to have a necklace like that someday—wow!