9 August 2012

Week on my desk

Here are some photos of what was on my desk in different moments this week.

I got a tectile teller from Karima - you must check out her amazing project here! She make a swap of letters with fabric pieces, flowers, and many other beautiful things. Very inspiring. I'll show what we sent to each other soon!

New projectsincluding imprints on the fabric - experimenting with transfer paper.

Me and my cousin found this book in a thrift stor. The header looks great, the recipes and pictures inside are even better.

The smallest painting kit I'm taking for our trip. (Didn't mention it before? We're heading to the mountains tomorrow! Watching falling stars and painting in peace everyday! I will finally be able to take a deep breath and refresh my mind). 

Panna cotta with white chocolate and raspberries for celebrating our first non-etsy customer. You have no idea how yummy it is!

My weekend (kinda) ends today. Tomorrow this hour I'll be far away enjoying camping, beautiful forests and fresh air. I hope you won't notice my absence here, I've preapared a few things to share!

Have a beautiful day,


  1. have a lovely holiday! can't wait to see all the inspired paintings and photographs you will bring :)


  2. Don't take any piece of technology with you camping! Being away from it all and breathing in fresh air does so much good for the body and soul... I'm jealous! I need to get back out in nature soon :)

  3. where did you get the small little painting kit? it's soo cute! i love your blog!

    1. I collected these things, it's just the minimum I can use not to feel uncomfortable while painting because I don't have something I need.

  4. That book looks really nice(: I might as well look it up!

  5. i hope you have an wonderful, relaxing and peaceful trip, it sounds amazing id love to do that. that baking book...yummm :)