8 August 2012

Matchbox pinhole

Hello! I'm back with another position from my summer list done. A pinhole camera made of a matchbox! (quick explanation: on my list I wrote that I want to make a camera obscura, but I really meant making a pinhole camera) If you want to make one too, check this amazing site with full instruction. It's really the smartest pinhole project I found. I strongly recommend making one. It's summer - time for experimenting and doing stuff you wanted to do for the whole year! (I usually think that I will have more time in summer and I'll do all the things I want and that's why the summer this year is quite busy).


To be honest making is the easiest part of the process. I hope at least a few pictures would be sharp and clear, but if not - I'll try again!

Wish me luck in using this equipment,


  1. thank you for sharing the instruction link! I've always wanted to try so maybe it's the moment.
    I can't wait to see the result ;)


  2. Aww... pinhole cameras bring back memories of being in high school... experimenting with photography was so much fun, I need to get back in the mode! I love how even your little camera has a pretty flower on it :)

  3. I would love to see some pictures taken with that camera here on the blog. Sharp and clear or not, doesn't matter. It would still be fun to see the result!


    1. Of course I'll publish them however they'll look, although I'd be glad if they turn out good:)

    2. Last time, it came out really well - we made our first family photo then. The beautiful background was simply beige and we were a strongly blurred dark stain in the middle. I think people call it modern art :)

  4. This is very intriguing! I feel like I should give it a try...
    I have done cyanotype before but never tried a pinhole camera.

    Thanks for the link! Looking forward to seeing the snapshots!