16 September 2012

4 SIMPLE GOALS before 2013

Hello! I decided to take part in a challenge Elsie created and shared on ABM. Her idea was to encourage people to write their four goals that they want to reach before the end of 2012. The main rule is that it should be simple goals focused on fulfilling, not the final result, it's not a competition. Already got it? Let's start with my goals...

1. Try new drawing techniques. Recently I bought a black 0,5mm pen and that was something completely new to me. My standard technique is watercolour and pencil but I don't want to make myself limits! I'm the kind of person that doesn't like changes when something is already steady, but I know this point on my list will help me to develop my skills and creativity. My aim is to try a big range of new techniques, it refers also to painting, collages etc.
2. Improve my blog. My constant goal, but writing it on this list will help me pay more attention to it. I want to write high quality posts with good pictures. Also the layout needs a few changes. Let's see what the next months will bring...
3. Be a good kitty mummy. That's more personal goal. I have my first kitty. It doesn't mean I didn't have a cat before (one is a member of our family for 11 years!). But now I bought my very first cat, I feed and take care of him. The point is that small cats inborn knowlenge about what they should and shouldn't do. It's me whose function is to teach him everything. That's gonna take a lot of time.
4. Take more pictures of everyday life. I want to improve my photography. By pictures of everyday like I don't mean instagrams, no. (I don't even have a camera in my phone!) It's about 3 years since I got my camera and I constantly see the progress in my pictures. Talking pictures day by day will boost the progress quickly. What's more, as a result I'll have a lots of pictures of little nice moments in my life!

I'll be posting regularly about my goals and and label all posts as '4 simple goals' so it would be easy for you to find them and at the end see progress (just in case you'd want to).

Did you write your list too? If not, I encourage you to do so. If you did, give a link under this post.

Have a beautiful and creative day,

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  1. ohhh, jakiego masz pięknego kotka! ale ci zazdroszczę (jestem kociarą-wariatką). na pewno będziesz dla niego dobrą mamusią :) mogłabyś też podzielić się zdjęciami z toskanii, zawsze chciałam tam pojechać