18 September 2012

Craft picnic in Italy

In this post I share two positions from my Summer to do list. In Italy we've organize a small craft picnic.

On our picnic we were drawing, writing letters and postcards and trying to understand Leonardo da Vinci's inventions. In the meantime we were eating fresh figs harvested a moment ago. 
Everyone focused on their own aim. I was painting a bit, wrote a few postcards and made letters to bloggers (this one is another point from my list, making cards and sending them to friends).
Summer this year is obviously a good one. So productive. How do you feel about your time management and the feeling of self-realisation this Summer? 

Have a beautiful day,


  1. looks like a picnic I'd like to attend

  2. Wow Julia, this is the chicest bohemian picnic if ever was one! <3