16 November 2012

Artisis inspire: Alphonse Mucha pockets and how to transfer on fabric

Recently I'm obsessed with painters on clothes. I ordered a dress with a self-portrait of Salvador Dali and try to win the auction of a dress with Klimt pattern. Of course I wouldn' be myself if I didn't make something like this by myself! This project is not big, but I like the result and the character it gives.

What you'll need: pants without back pockets (or any other piece that you think should have pockets!), transfer paper & a printer, piece of fabric in suitable colour, sewing machine and basic skills.

1. Print the pattern on a sheet of transfer paper. If it has any text, remember to make a mirror rotation! Cut exactly the shape you need.

2. Now you should follow the transfer instruction given with the photo transfer paper. You'll probably need to iron for about 1 minute or so. Make the print on a piece of fabric that has the dimensions you need to make pockets.

3. Sew only the 'shape' of pockets. I hope you know what I mean. The result should look like in the photo above. Your almost-pockets are ready to sew on pants!

This project is really easy, so if you want to change your wardrobe a bit you can use this method. Transfer directly on clothes or try adding some details like this!

Have a beautiful day,


  1. Oh Heaven! I´m the worlds biggest Mucha-fan so I totally love your pants. I will have to make myself soemthing pretty to wear using this method. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Really love this idea and on my blog I keep on telling my readers how much I like tee shirt iron on transfer paper for DIY projects. I've posted the top photo and a link back to your blog on truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com

  3. This is gorgeous!!
    Loved the colour of the pants by the way ;)

  4. Can you post a link for the patterns that you used?

    1. I didn't use any pattern, but it's easy to make at home if you want. Put the fabric on a pocket you have in another pants and draw the contour. add 2-3 cm on for the hem and cut. Fold, iron and sew on the lines you drew.;)

  5. kocham twórczość alfonsa muchy!

  6. This is such a great project! The same technique could be used to cover up pockets that are already on jeans too. You're so creative.

  7. Cute idea.
    xx Tanya

  8. Oh, that's such a wonderful idea!!! I definitely have to try this out!!! :)