30 June 2013

Natural dye: poppy (DIY)

It's poppy time! Last year I made natural ink out of flower petals, thi Summer I wanted to make something different. So if you ever wanted to try natural dye, now it's your turn. It's really easy!

First you need to pick some poppies, only the petals. Put it to a pot and boil with water on low heat (1 volume of poppies per 2 volumes of water) for one hour or longer. In another pot boil a piece of fabric you want to dye in a solution of vinegar 1:4 to water. After that time separate the petals (they should be sheer), rinse the fabric in cold water and put into the pot with poppy dye. Leave it until you're satisfied with the colour you got (remember it will be slightly lighter!).
Here you have it! You need only three ingredients in the whole process!
Note: If your fabric is cotton I reccomend using different fixative.

I also attempted to make an ombre lace. I dipped only the end of folded lace in the liquid and the colour went up with the fibres! Honestly, it turned out even better that the dress.

How do you like the result? Do you plan similar experiments for the summer?

Wiem, ze miałam prowadzić bloga też po Polsku, ale szczerze mówiąc nie sądzę, żeby tłumaczenie wszystkiego było konieczne. Staram się używać prostego angielskiego (z resztą taki znam;)). Gdyby coś było niejasne, odpowiem na wszystkie pytania! 
Macie zamiar eksperymentować z naturalnymi barwnikami? A może już coś robiłyście i macie jakieś porady dla mnie?;)

Have a beautiful day,


  1. Such a beautiful result, the colour is so pretty. I love the idea of using natural dyes. Do they fix well to the fabric?

    1. Vinegar works well as a fixative for fabrics different than cotton. The dress is partially made of cotton and the colour faded a little bit (byt really just a little bit!) after first washing.

  2. zawsze podziwiałam ludzi, którzy potrafili z naturalnych składników zrobić coś pięknego. sukienka wygląda o wiele lepiej po farbowaniu, jest śliczna :)

  3. this is so beautiful— i love it! i just naturally died a skirt with turmeric and it is gorgeous. it was so much fun to do it naturally, too!

    1. Fantastic! Did you use the spice or you picked it by yourself? Can I see the results somewhere?

  4. This is such a pretty natural colours, I never realised poppies could be used as dyes, I love experimenting with different colours!