3 July 2013

{not only} Strawberry dessert - super easy recipe

This is the easiest dessert in the world. Making it is even easier than baking muffins;) You can add to it fruit of your choice or even a jam if you like.

Instructions: the only thing you need to bake is a crumble. Mix warm butter, sugar and flour in proportions 1:1:2, make a dough. Crumble it over a tin and put into oven that is 180°C. After 7-10 minutes it should be ready. Leave to cool.
Everything else you need is sweetened vanilla cream cheese and fruit of your choice (I used strawberries).  Pour the cold crumble at the bottom of a glass until it's about 1/5 full. Then put the cream cheese and even the surface. Mix the fruit in a blender and pour the mass on the cream cheese surface. Done!
I prepared another version for all of you who have winter now (greetings to Elly from Jazzlips&Tulips!). The top is made of cherry jam. Delicious as well!

Let me know if you tried it.
Have a beautiful day,

PS: Jakieś 2 lata temu, gdy rozmawiałam z Szymonem o tym deserze i oboje nie wiedzieliśmy, jak się on nazywa, określiliśmy go jako "to dobre". Od tej pory deser właśnie tak się nazywa;) To, że do tej pory co jakiś czas go robię, powinno być najlepszą reklamą i świadczyć, że TO faktycznie jest DOBRE!