23 June 2012

Clip display diy

I really wanted to do something different. Yesterday I came across this idea and that was my aim. I took my postcard box and found many beautiful postcards. Much more that I'd expected. They were too pretty to just make a journal out of them. I decided not to leave them in the box again and display somehow. 

You'll need: 6 clips, 3 cards (or drawings, photos... whatever you want), 2 nails, a twine (about 1-1,5 metres.
String the clips on the twine and attach to the nails (one end of twine to one nail). Your display is ready. Now just clip each card with two clips. Isn't it the simplest DIY in the world?
This display can actually replace a cork pinboard that I wanted to get, let's say I killed two birds with one stone (not literally of course).

Today I'm making fern hair accesories. It's not as simple as I thought it would be. You'll see the results soon for sure!
I Wish you a perfect day, 


  1. so simple and beatiful. i like it!

  2. śliczne te klamerki:)zawsze chciałam je mieć;)
    miły blog:))