25 September 2012

Lavender in the kitchen: lavender syrup + ice-cream

Hello friends, did you notice it's lavender season again?! As I made lavender sachets last time, this time I decided to make something entirely different. Have you ever used lavender in the kitchen? If not, you should try it for sure. This is the last time to do it this year, so don't wait!

For the lavender syrup you'll need: 1/2-1* cup of fresh lavender flowers, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 cups of water, 1-3/2 cup of sugar* (*-depending on your taste). Pour lavender into a pan with hot water, leave until it's cold. Then add sugar and boil together until the mixture is combined well. At the end add lemon juice (the syrup will change colour from grey/lavender to the one you see in the pictures). Sieve the lavender - you need to have a clear syrup. Done!

If you want to make lavender ice-cream, replace the sugar with the lavender syrup in your favourite basic ice-cream recipe. My ice-cream contained some homemade vanilla extract too (worth recommendation! I'll probably share the recipe soon). The ice-cream taste the best with a piece of apple pie or baked apples. Notabene, Szymon made the prettiest baked apple for me, it looks like my kitty! Timon (this is finally his name, probably) approves!

By the way, he's falling asleep on my legs right now.
Have a beautiful day,


  1. He is a little darling. What is his name? Is he Siamese or Balinese?

  2. That is quite possibly the cutest cat I've ever seen.

    <3 Leney

    1. Thank you! Regarding it's the first one I've ever 'sculpted'.


  3. Great ideas! I've never tried to eat lavender, I should definitely use more flowers when I cook! I've discovered honey ice cream during my holidays, delish!!
    Glad to see the lovely cat again! :)


  4. that syrup looks amazing it has the loveliest pink colour!
    I made lavender ice cream years ago, and i loved it, it really tastes like its scent.

    your kitty is adorable - such a cute playful expression he has :) sweet name too!