2 October 2012

Lemon and orange beeswax candles

Can you feel Autumn now? It's already here. The time of long evenings, warm socks and tea with honey and lemon have started. Cosy blankets. Autumn is very insiring season. So many beautiful leaves lying everywhere. This is the first post devoted to this time of the year. These candles smell like a tea my grandpa would prepare me when I was small.

You'll need: Birthday candles, lemons/oranges/mandarines, beeswax (1).

'Peel' the colour from the birthday candles (2). You can use scisors or any type of knife. Slice your fruit in half. Remove the flesh (3) very carefully. Put the beeswax ito a pan and turn the stove on the low temperature. Don't leave it unattended. Place the candle in the centre of lemon/orange/mandarine half and pour a small amount of beeswax (4). Leave it until it's hard and stable. Then pour the left beeswax until the half is full.If the b-day candle inside is too long, you can cut it 1cm above the wax surfacee.

These candles look beautiful on this wooden board! I just adore the colours.

Wish you a lovely day,


  1. z wielką przyjemnością!

  2. Loving the idea! I love oranges, I love candles, and it looks so pretty!
    I'm surprised you didn't take a picture of your lovely cat smelling the candles ;)


  3. Cool candles!


  4. świetny pomysł! kojarzy mi się to z bożym narodzeniem i zimą :)

  5. beautiful idea! you are so incredibly creative Julia! and so is your boyfriend, his natural wood chopping boards are just lovely.

  6. Hi Julia! So wonderful to have found your blog, it´s enchanting. Thank you also for commenting on my blog. You are so creative. I just looked at your etsy shop. Later this year I will definately order a plant/book press from you! That´s a definite. ~Love Sara~