22 September 2012

Watching stars

When we were here this year, we had quite a lot opportunities to watch so-called falling stars. Unfortunately I couldn't capture them by myself, but here's the picture taken by my cousin. Do you see this one on the top?

This was also a part of my list.
Have a lovely evening,


  1. Yes, I see it! It's wonderful. I remember a night when I was about fifteen years old, and there were so many falling stars. It was like they were falling from the sky like raindrops. It was magical, and I made so many wishes :-)


  2. Love this!! Stars absolutely fascinate me. I remember three years ago I spent 2 weeks at a friend's in a small town in Brittany, so there wasn't any street lighting, and it was exactly during the nights of the stars in August. So we laid down on the grass with her cat and watched the sky, and saw many shooting stars. And also a satellite that just changed its orbit so it made a huge light ray in the middle of the stars, as if aliens had been watching us with a torch. Quite scary!