19 September 2012

Best method of pressing flowers

The summer is almost over. Many of you would probably like it to stay for longer, but unfortunately it's impossible. I'll for sure miss flowers in bloom in winter. The only method to keep them for longer is pressing them. Just in case someone else want to do the same what I do to remember about summer days, I share a few quick tips I use while pressing flowers that have benn kind of my secret.

1. The bigger pressure the better - it's obvious, isn't it. If you don't use at least a few encyclopedias flowers can contract or become wavy. Olny by applying enough pressure will you get good results. I strongly recommend using a press, not encyclopedia - it doesn't take much space and what's more you can regulate the pressure.
2. The longer the better. It takes some time for flowers to get completely dry. For the thinest two weeks might be enough, other need one or two months. The main rule is that it's never too long.

3. Use absorbent paper to separate flowers - they will get dry quicker. If you have some time you can make your own paper using my method, these sheets absorb water like a sponge!

4. Segregate flowers by thickness. Lay thin flowers on one sheet of paper, thicker and the thickest on the other two. Usually thickness is a fearute of every species, so you can easily segregate by species. For example, poppies should get a separate sheet and all kinds of pansies can be pressed together. In the press you can preserve big variety of blossoms by making 'layers' of flowers and paper. 

In the first picture and those below you can see the final result.

You can use the same methods to preserve autumn leaves, but come on - autumn starts in October. We still should enjoy summer in the last days of September.

Have a beautiful day,


  1. thank you for the advice! I was looking for some good tips on this topic! Right now I'm pressing flowers in books which isn't the best way at all. I'll try to make that paper from your DIY! Thanks again :-)

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    Katie (and Ben)

  2. i have been pressing flowers too lately x

  3. Your blog is just so gorgeous, I love it. The simple beauty of it just makes me smile :)


    1. big hug as a 'thank you' for your nice words!

  4. Wonderful photos! I really like this method and I'm eager to try it out - pressed flowers would look great in a wooden frame :)

    1. you're 100% right, framed flowers and leaves hang on my wall and this is simply beautiful.

  5. Shooting in a beautiful way. This mini everyday life, is not it.

  6. Loving those dry plants, they will make a perfect souvenir of summer when you will be missing it too much!
    I kind of feel happy about autumn and winter though, I can't wait to see the golden and red leaves and hopefully the snow later, and to photograph them. I need those seasons as a restful pause.


  7. I love these - the poppies are amazing!

    Thanks for the tips - I will try to get a flower press it looks like it's really worth it, the colours remain so vivid!

  8. Thank you so much for this guide. It´s really appreciated, because I have wanted to press my own flowers for a long time. Pressed flowers is one of the most beautiful things I think.