19 October 2012

Autumn for blogging: Quality does matter

Recently I've been rethinking my aims of blogging. You probably know it - new season, new university, the beginning of something new in somebody's life. I also want to create something new here. New quality. What is the conclusion? Less post is better if the quality is higher. I wanyt to create more regarding DIYs and write about varied topics. This is the first change and purpose for this season. Of course I was motivated by my 4 goals that I think of almost all the time, really. 

I hope you like the pictures above and below. It's a series of photos I took last autumn. Enjoy the colours and blurred areas.

Have a lovely warm afternoon, 


  1. These are really good pictures, Julia!!
    I loved the second with the apple, and the blurred one with the trees, it looks like an impressionist painting, so sweet colours and atmosphere. I'm so sad I can't find the time to go have a walk and take photographs. I miss breathing the nice, fresh air and seeing the golden leaves falling so much. :/
    The last picture really is sweet too! (Love your ring!!) :)

  2. For me, the third one is the best! Really, to find such thing and hold a camera at the same time - one of a kind. The last one ... you could take such photos all the time - only the backgrounding car would change :P

  3. Love the pictures! Especially the one with the apple....SO lovely!!! <3 I'm excited in what direction you're going to develope your blog! :) :) I also think it's better to have few, but meaningful posts. :)
    Best wishes, yoojin

  4. Hello! I just nominated you for an award on my blog, and I'd love it if you'd check it out!



  5. Hi,
    Nice set for autumn !

    Take a look of mine here : http://www.sebgob.com/blog/2012/10/28/photos-autumn-mobile/