23 October 2012

Lip balm for cold days (NATURAL ingredients)

Who doesn't know the problem of dry lips in autumn, raise your hand. I'f you're one of these lucky people, you don't have to read this post. But if you do struggle with this - believe me, I can help you. 

This lip balm consists of four ingredients, each one is easy to find in the online shops. All of them are essential and you should exactly follow the recipe to get the best result. If you want to make this natural balm, follow the east step-by-step instruction below.

Ingredients: 3 tsp. jojoba oil, 2 tsp. argan oils, 2 tsp. buter karite, 2 tsp. beeswax. You can also add pigments if yo want, it's optional. I made both versions.

Measure and melt all the ingredients in a water bath. Mix until it's plain. Pour the prepared mixture into a case. Leave for a while until it's harder. Here you have it!

What I love about natural cosmetics is that  they are easy to  make and can work miracles. This one is really worth making, the version without pigments can be used on small wounds because it makes the process of  healing faster. The advantages of this wonderful balm are infinite!

Have a beutiful day,


  1. How cozy, thank you Julia. I´m thinking this would make wonderful gifts for friends. I think I will make some for christmas :)

  2. łał, julia jesteś niesamowita! od zawsze mam wielki problem z suchymi ustami, więc chętnie wypróbuję twój balsam :). czekam na więcej domowych sposobów na kosmetyki (mam nadzieję, że masz ich jeszcze sporo w zanadrzu)