9 October 2012

Redecor your room

Hello readers! I'd like to say I'm sorry that it has been quiet here for a few days too much. Now I've started my life as an uni student and I need to learn how to manage my time better than berfore. Anyway, here's something I was suppoused to show as a part of my Summer list. It's a bit too late for summer lists, but I want to share it though!

This wall was painted this summer. Frames collected through months or even years found their new place.

I LOVE this part. A little herbarium around my mirror. Even if it's freezy outside, I still have a feel of Summer inside.

That's how I organize my jewellery and stuff. This deer was originally silvery, so I just had to paint it and make a small floral decoupage. I use the antlers as jewellery holder, really useful! On the left you can see a fern-adorned box that I use to store some of my rings.

Everytime I get a rose I hang it on my curtain and leave to dry. Then I put it here and never throw away.

This is my desk. When you see a picture of items with brown background on this blog, you can guess it was taken here. Currently on my desk: new (!) sewing machine and other stuff I use/make/like but did'nt find a proper place for.

Just another shelf. The best part of it is an old microscope!

Close-up: the wall.

When I was in Siena (Tuscany, Italy) I visited a calligraphy workshop. I was amazed by the man who was working there (and by the amount of inks and nibs he had!). I asked if he could write me a sentence and he agreed. I came back in an hour or so (time for thinking about what I want) and told him this sentence. He wrote me two versions of it, told that he really likes this sentence and he'd like to use it. I got it for half price.

Hanging frame on my wooden doors.

A corner where I store my sewing materials when I don't use it.

... and there I store other craft supplies like ribbons, glue, paints etc.

That's everything Iwanted to show you that is new in my room. This task (redecoring) made me rethink the organization and storage again. I'm happy that I could fulfill almost all that I had written down on my Summer list. I'm also happy with the tasks I didn't fulfill, there's nothing I didn't make because I couldn't. That satisfies me a lot!
The end of this list means the end of writing about Summer. Now the Autum starts seriously.

Have a beautiful day,


  1. Heaven what a beautiful home. I love everything; the pressed flowers, the corner with jewelry and cute boxes, your craft space... Very inspiring!

  2. Your herbarium looks lovely! I adore your sweet home!


  3. Such a lovely place!! And the lighting is so magical, fits perfectly. :) :) You're home is really lovely, with so many little wonderful details. :)

    1. It's only my room, not the whole house. Just about 12 square metres;)

  4. I love the corner where you put your jewellery, with all those boxes and lovely objects.
    And your herbarium looks perfect around your mirror!
    Oh and I just got your letter yesterday, I can't believe I have one of your lovely drawings now! Thank you so, so much, trying my best to answer as soon as possible! :)

  5. What company is your sewing machine? :))

    1. Po Polsku też można;) To Silvercrest z Lidla, bardzo polecam! Jak na razie nie odkryłam jej wad, a ostatnio szyję sporo;)

    2. Jeżeli chcesz coś o niej wiedzieć to pytaj śmiało;))

    3. Czytałam dużo opinii na różnych forach i nie jestem co do niej pewna... chyba skuszę się jednak na Łucznik Lidię ;)) Maszynka śliczna, a do tego ma wiele zalet. Dziękuje za odp i pozdrawiam! :)