25 October 2012

Napping kitty sketchbook (DIY!)

This is my very first attempt of making sketchbook. It was almost obligatory - I wanted to have something mobile where I can try different techniques of drawing or painting. What is so special about this one? It consists of four diffenet types of paper. I've never seen a sketchbook like this, so I had to make it by myself!

What I did? At first, I found this bookbinding tutorial. It was something essential I had to learn. This tutorial shows exactly how you make a sketchbook. Of course, I made it a bit differently. I used (as I said above) four types of paper: watercolour 300g/m3, 250g/m3, 180g/m3 cardboard and standard paper for pencil drawings 90 g/m3. Now I know it was the best thing I could make! Second difference is the cover that I made of leather (don't ask me how I made it, it was quite complicated.... or maybe ask me, but it would need another post). The imprint of a napping cat looks lovely in my opinion. Another thing I made is a colour palette. I wanted to have a look on how the colour of my watercolour crayons (a gorgeous set of 72 I got from Szymon for my bday) look when used as paints.

So, once again, if you want to make a sketchbook, just follow the instructions from the link. Plus do something special to personalize i!:)

How do you like it? Did you ever make a sketchbook, book or album by yourself? 
 I'll share more works from this sketchbook soon!


  1. Oh, I love it! :) :) Such a wonderful idea to add different types of drawing paper for a sketchbook!! And the cover is so cool! :D

    I also bound my diary by myself. But this was years ago and I didn't make a cover at all! ;) Back then I also used different kinds and sizes of paper. :)

    Love the illustrations by the way! :)

  2. Looks great! Love the leather covers!

  3. This is such a great idea, I love how it turned out.
    You have such a beautiful blog, I have just started following :)
    xox Niamh xox

    1. Thanks for all your kind words!;)

  4. Wow, looks really cool! Lubie bardzo!

  5. Hej, moglabys napisac mi w mailu jak zrobilas skorzana okladke? Jest super!!